Amazin Billiards Pool Hall
40 Faulkner St. Malden, MA 02148
781.605.2389 | [email protected]

Open Daily To The Public From Noon to Midnight
Pool & Billiards Rates: $8 Per Person – Per Hour
Groups of 4 or more: $25 Per Table – Per Hour
Snooker Table Rates: $11 Per Person – Per Hour
Groups of 3 or more: $30 – Per Hour

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Mazin Shooni: Where it all started.

Mazin Shooni was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1961 and moved to Detroit as a child. When he was growing up, he was drawn to the local pool hall, Cushion & Cue in Oak Park City, Michigan where he dabbled in pool and snooker, all the while keeping an eye on the fascinating three-cushion play going on around him. With the help of many talented top players, such as Bob Ameen and Mike Donnolly, Mazin learned the difficult game and began to enter competitions.

His unique side -arm stroke can be attributed to his early start in the sport, when he was so young he could barely reach for the shot on the five-by-ten foot tables. Mazin won his first tournament at the age of 22 in Lansing, Michigan and has gone on to rack up more than 90 USBA tournament wins and has earned the moniker Amazin’ Mazin. In addition to his early mentors, Mazin was taken under the wing of the revered, late Sang Lee, who helped him to polish his game. In 2006, Mazin set two USBA nationals records with a high run of 18 and a best game of 35-5 in just nine innings, before going on to clinch the National Championship title.

Later that year, Mazin was ranked 12th in the world when he represented the United States in the World Championships in St. Wendel, Germany. He has a non-tournament high run of 22 and game average of 6.25 (25 points in 4 innings). A player of world-renown, Mazin has competed around the Globe, from Spain to Germany to Mexico and beyond. A tireless promoter of the game, he has been featured at the annual BCA Eight-Ball National Championship in Las Vegas, where he beat the Turkish World Three-Cushion Artistic sensation Semih Sayginer before a Hall of Fame crowd.

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