Amazin Billiards Pool Hall
40 Faulkner St. Malden, MA 02148
781.605.2389 | [email protected]

Open Daily To The Public From Noon to Midnight

Pool & Billiards Rates: $8 Per Person – Per Hour

Snooker Table Rates: $9 Per Person – Per Hour

***Mike Zuglan’s Joss Stop 16.5 – Massachusetts State 9-Ball Championship***

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Look no further than Dyna|spheres™ Paladium Pool Balls. Each ball is made from extremely high phenolic resin content.


Each set contains 2 cue-balls, 7 “striped” balls, 8 “solid” balls, cleaning cloth and 2 pool ball racks. Each cue-ball is marked with 6 black Rotor™ for increased feedback on spin. The Rotor™ design is integrated in every “solid” and “striped” ball as well creating a unique playing experience.

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Give us a call at 781-605-2389