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Monthly 10-Ball November 27th

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Date(s) - 11/27/2021
9:00 am - 11:59 pm


This is the Amazin’ Billiards Monthly 10-ball tournament 2021-2022 Season- November 27th!

There are some changes for this season regarding match times, races, and rules so please read them and make sure you have turned the notifications on for this event so you can be notified of any updates.

Pre-Registration is MANDATORY, limited to 64 players, and the price is $50. Non Season Pass Holders will need to add $10 for a Day Pass. $4 from each player per tournament will be put aside for the $5000 added, 2day event in November 2022. Players who have played in 3 or more events can signup!

Season Pass info and benefits is in a pinned comment on the Main Page, if you have any questions about the season pass or any pricing feel free to ask me.

Please understand that the last day to withdraw from the tournament and receive a refund is the Friday a WEEK BEFORE the tournament otherwise your entry fee can be transferred as long as you notify me that you will not be able to make it by the MONDAY before the event.

If you wish to sign up please read all the information here, contact me ,then send money via one of the following and then click “going” on the event page.

Venmo: Beau-Powers

Cashapp: $BeauTFPowers

PayPal/ Zelle: [email protected](add 4% or use friends and family option)

***By clicking going you have confirmed that you have read and understand all the rules and instructions turn on notifications for this event to receive any updates***

The doors open at 9am and first round matches start at 9:45am sharp.

Amazin’ Billiards is Generously adding $200 worth of table time certificates to the tournament.

With a full field of 64 players the payouts will be as posted. (This is not including the Calcutta/side pool) With 64 players the payouts will be updates but only the top 12 players will be paid.

1st: $700

2nd: $500

3rd: $350

4th: $225

5/6th: $150

7/8th: $75

9/12th: $50 Table Time Certificate

13/17th Free Entry to the NEXT tournament.

There will be a Side Pool in which players rated 569 and below Fargo can buy themselves for $20 and players rated higher than this can buy themselves for $30. The side pool will pay out the top 8 players with a full 64 players. The number of players paid in the Side pool will also depend on the amount of money in pool.

The players that don’t buy themselves will be auctioned online when we do the Virtual Players Auction.

The auction will be paying … spots with a full 64 player field more info to come in a detailed post a few days before the event so be on the lookout!

Just like in the past the races will be Fargo handicapped and reported to Fargo.


Entrance/Exit info & Player and Spectator seating info:


On tournament days the main entrance will be the only entrance and exit used when you come in take your immediate right down the hallway and around and when you leave take the same path, this will avoid traffic around games and speed the rate of play.

PLAYER CHAIRS ONLY: will be the 2 seats next to the tables, should be very obvious and are for players in matches ONLY

SPECTATOR SEATING: will be on the edge of the tables in the following areas; between the Rasson and 3c tables is a line of seats,  behind the row of tables are spectator seats next to the register, and in the hallway where table 1/2 are there will be seating. These are the ONLY place for spectators to watch. There is more room

In the back by the TV in the snooker room and on the couches.

With a Full field the following Schedule will be used:

The rounds will go as follows:

Round 1  winner side.

Round 2 winner side.

Round 3 winner side.

Round 1 Loser side.

Please use this information to use your best judgment regarding match times and when you may be able to get lunch, etc.

TL;DR: Read you respective start time 9:45/10:45/11:30am, don’t be late.


Players have 10. Min to show up once their match is called. For every 4.5 min they are late they will lose 1 game. At the 20min mark they will have forfeited the match.

Players need to notify me IMMEDIATELY after their match is over what the score was and who won so the next match can start right away, i will be providing a score card for the winner to turn in and i need the winner to message me the score and the name of the players.

The winner of the match needs to come up to me with the balls in the tray in hand so I can clean them for the next round and wipe down the table, this will promote a clean safe environment and quick match turnover. No one will be on that table so I will know the match is over and where i can start players quickly.

DO NOT start playing on a table after a match is over if you are not going to be the player at that table. I’m going to need all the tables for most of the afternoon. Players that didn’t have time to warm up may each break very quickly and run out no more than 2 racks each. If you just played a match or you have already been warmed up do not waste time doing this start right away.

In the event of excessively slow play I reserve the right to apply a 30 second shot clock with 1 extension per rack. I do not expect to have to do this.


TL;DR: Call shot, call safe, no early 10 ball, RYO winner break A side, alt break B side. No pattern racking, template mandatory, legal jump cues ok. Breaking down your stick (unless for an extension) is a forfeit of the match!

Players are to lag for break

Winner break on the winner side and alternate break on the 1 loss side. In the event you forget to alternate on the loser side players should make up the missed break ie.players forget to alternate the winner of the rack breaks out of turn. The other player would then break twice to make up for the lost break then the alternate break would continue.

Rack your own.

Racking templates are MANDATORY, there is a template hanging on each table. The brand used does not matter if you have your own and wish to use it that is fine. The 2/3 must be racked in the corners. Players are not allowed to repeat the same pattern rack after rack ie.





This notoriously easy pattern for example can not be racked every time.

The racking template should be removed immediately after the break and hung on the hook on the table not left on the rail. It will not be considered a foul if a ball is accidentally moved while removing the template, just replace the original ball position as best as possible.

In the event a player miscues on the break or an illegal break occurs the other player has these options: Let the player break again, re-rack and take the break for themselves, or play the rack from there.(if the player that broke fouled they would be on 1 foul.)

The format is true double elimination 10-ball call shot, call safe, and the 10-ball must go in last for a win.

You can call a combo on the 10 but after your shot the 10 will immediately spot and you will continue to shoot the next lowest ball.

If you combo the 10-ball and rake the balls thinking you have won, you have lost that game.

In the event that both players forget a combo on the 10 is not a win and they mark the game as a win and remember the proper rules later the game will not be replayed. The win will stand and the match will continue with the correct rules going forward.

At anytime your opponent misses a shot they called you can make them shoot again.

A ball can not be made on a safe even accidentally. If a safe is called the incoming player must shoot EXCEPT if a ball is pocketed then the player has the option.

The 3 foul rule is in effect. Players must be warned as they APPROACH the table that they are on 2 fouls. Telling a player they are on 2 while it is your shot as you are playing your 3rd safe will NOT be considered sufficient notice.

Jump cues are allowed.

If you suspect a hit may be a foul it is your responsibility to stop the player before their shot and have someone watch the hit. Do not run up to the player as they are about to shoot to get a close look at the ball. Should you not have someone watch the hit the benefit of the doubt will go to the shooter. That being said cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, players are expect to call fouls on themself.

The general rules of play are essentially WPA EXCEPT all ball fouls will only be in the act of a shot/ while balls are still in motion. Unless 2 balls or more are moved before the shot it will be cue ball fouls only. If you should move a ball before your shot notify your opponent and ask them if they want to keep it where it moved to or move it back to it’s original position.

Breaking down your cue while a player is shooting the final rack or ball will be considered a concession of the match.


TL;DR: Play the race I announce. Races -1 for first 4/5 rounds of winner side depending on time restrictions.

Matches are lengthened for higher rated players and shortened for lower rated players in the interest of time. The higher player’s Fargo rating in the match pair will determine the R chart used.

-When the higher rated player is above 569, R6 Medium will be used.

-When the highest rated player is less than 570 and above 470 R5 medium will be used.

-When the highest rated player is less than 470 R4 will be used switching to hot at 60 points.

There’s are no hard limits, if time is short and both players are near a chart threshold I may shorten the race to expedite the tournament. This usually only occurs when one section of the bracket falls behind and needs to catch up to the rest of the tournament.

The highest race number is 8 the lowest is 3. In the event that race shown is 8/4 the race will be shortened to 6/3. In the event an R6 chart shows a 9/3 race R5 will be used.

If the a situation occurs where the race would be 6-2 in R4 the R5 chart would be used so that both the upper and lower limits are met.

Shorten races for early rounds:

Rounds are shorten for time purposes, in some circumstances an 8/4 race would show in R6 which would be normally shortened to 6/3. However using R5 the race may show up as 6/4. This R6 races will he checked for the shortened rounds and if it shows an 8/4 race it will he shortened to 6/3 and that is the race that will be played.

If two 630+ players are playing even in the early rounds I will allow an even 6/6 race even during R5 rounds

Loss Side:

I will be using R4 HOT on the loss side for most matches. Since a race to 2 is not an option if the R4 chart only has 2 as an option I will use the R5 medium chart. The highest  possible race differential on the loser side will be a 7/3 race. This will only occur when the R4 chart only has a 6/2 option and the R5 chart only has a 8/3 or similar option.

If both players are below 500 and less than 45 points apart they may play a 3/3 race. (if time is pressing)

3rd Place & 4th Places:

Will Switch back to R6 Winner breaks- this allows for longer races as the money ramps up but still allows for the tournament to run quickly.


R6 for the first match and if there needs to be a second match R4.

If time allows it and both players are above 600 and less than 45 points apart +1 may be added to both potential matches – unlikely with 64 players


TL;DR: Ship the cash rules, play pool, be quiet. Etiquette will be seriously enforced this session, when you miss immediately  sit down and don’t talk. its that easy. If I hear remarks, banging cues, throwing balls… you can expect a BIH foul WITHOUT WARNING.


Players are expected to remain SEATED and QUIET when they are not at the table. Immediately after they are done at the table they are to return to their seat, they will not sit at the table making remarks about their good or bad shot. If a player wishes for you to move out of their line of sight during a shot it is up to them to ask you, otherwise remain seated. Players should use their best judgement and refrain from talking to each other during racks about anything other than hit watches, frozen balls, and active game procedures. Players are not allowed to talk to anyone other than their opponent during the match. Players are not allowed to use their phones during the match. If you wish to talk about something else do so between racks not during. “Sharking” will not be tolerated. If a player is not following the rules please tell me, i will do my best to enforce the rules but I can’t to much about something i don’t hear about until after the match is over so speak up!

GUESTS should NOT be brought due to social distancing requirements but if you happen to have a guest with you make sure they understand not to talk to you during your match and they MUST BE SEATED at least 1 table away from you, they can not sit next to you during your match.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in ball in hand foul, loss of rack, loss of match, disqualification from the tournament.


Players will be allowed to use tables IF they are available until 6pm, (available means no patrons are waiting to use a table) if they are still in the tournament. (This only applies to pool tables not snooker or the carom tables.) If a player is eliminated and they wish to continue to play they will need to go on time at the rate of $6 an hour for pool. Season Pass holders can play for $5 per hour.

If there are any questions that have not been covered please feel free to ask.