Amazin Billiards Pool Hall
40 Faulkner St. Malden, MA 02148
781.605.2389 | [email protected]

Open Daily To The Public From Noon to Midnight

Pool & Billiards Rates: $8 Per Person – Per Hour

Groups of 4 or more: $25 Per Table – Per Hour

Snooker Table Rates: $11 Per Person – Per Hour

Groups of 3 or more: $30 – Per Hour

***The McDermott Classic Matchroom Ranking Event 2024 ***

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New England 9 Ball Series – Stop #4 – MD Promotions

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Date(s) - 10/18/2020

Amazin Billiards
Amazin Billiards, 40 Faulkner St, Malden Massachusetts


Join us for Stop# 4 of our 2020-2021 Tour Season at Amazin Billiards in Malden, MA!
40 Faulkner St Malden, MA 02148

You must go to the New England 9 Ball Series website linked below to register for this event.

All participants are required to have an active BCA Membership.
If you aren’t sure if your membership is active, look it up at the following link:
If you register for a New England 9Ball Series event and your BCA Membership is not currently sanctioned, you will not be eligible to participate in the event and no refund of entry fees, membership dues or day passes will be given.

You Must Preregister for this Event.