Amazin Billiards Pool Hall
40 Faulkner St. Malden, MA 02148
781.605.2389 | [email protected]

Open Daily To The Public From Noon to Midnight

Pool & Billiards Rates: $8 Per Person – Per Hour

Snooker Table Rates: $9 Per Person – Per Hour

***Mike Zuglan’s Joss Stop 16.5 – Massachusetts State 9-Ball Championship***

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Pandemic Protection Guidelines for Amazin Billiards

Amazin Billiards is open. Hours will be from noon to midnight. Following are the steps that will be taken to protect all players and staff:

During the Stay at Home Closure, we have been busy sanitizing the premises for your safety, including the following:

  • Player areas have been painted
  • Pool table cloth has been changed
  • New pool and billiard balls have been purchased
  • The entire premises, including the kitchen and storage areas, have been sanitized
  • All equipment has been sanitized, including house cues and racks
  • All air filters have been changed
  • Old refrigeration equipment has been replaced

We will continue with our safety measures, including but NOT limited to:

  • Pool and Billiards Tables, balls and player chairs will be wiped down with disinfectant between matches. Player equipment will be sanitized at the start/end of each day.
  • Food will not be prepared on the premises. Only bottled drinks and/or packaged foods will be available to clients. No food or drink from outside the establishment may be brought into the billiard room. No food at the playing tables.
  • Six-foot clearance will be maintained at employee counters. Employees/tournament workers only are allowed behind counters.
  • Social distancing must be observed at all times, even during matches. Masks will be required of all employees and players. Player chairs cannot be shared during a match.
  • No one displaying illness will be allowed in the room.
  • Entry will be allowed only through the front door and exit will be allowed only through the side door.

We look forward to seeing you!