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Tournament play to test your skills – As a member you will be eligible to play in the United States National Championship Tournament; to play in the many USBA sanctioned tournaments held every year; for women: to play in the Women’s National Championship; for juniors: to play in the Junior’s National Championship; and for all the chance to advance to the UMB World Championship, the Women’s World Championship and the Junior’s World Championship respectively.

Discounts on billard play and supplies – Members receive discounts on table time from participating rooms; discounts on cues, cloth and balls; discounts on lessons from participating players; buy one, get one free on ACCU-STATS 3-Cushion DVD’s; and best of all, you will have access to the USBA Members Online Store for the best prices on all your billiard needs.

Discounts when you travel – Whether traveling to tournaments or just traveling with the family or for busines, members receive discounts on hotels such as Choice Hotels (up to 15%); discounts on rental cars from participating vendors; and more.

Stay informed on all USBA 3-cushion news and events – Through our web site members can see all the upcoming tournaments; have access the USBA Member Directory with contact information for USBA Members; receive the USBA Newsletter with tournaments, results, pictures, charts and instruction; get tips from the pros from top players; and receive a FREE subscription to Professor-Q-Ball bi-monthly publication (a $20.00 value, USA residents only.)

What you will receive with your paid membership – FREE ACCU-STATS 3-Cushion DVD (New Members Only – a $25.00+ value); FREE Carom TV Video On-Demand (New Members Only – $12.00+ value); FREE USBA patch ($4.00 value); FREE USBA sticker ($ 4.00 value); and the satisfaction in knowing you are helping to support the game you love.

Membership Options

  • Brand New Member (you have NEVER been a USBA Member before):
    • $50.00 for 1 year
    • $135.00 for 3 Years
    • FIRST TIME MEMBER BONUS: As a brand-new member, you will recieve one free Video-On-Demand from!
  • Renewing Member:
    • To Renew, please LOGIN and check your profile. Renewal and upgrade options will be displayed in your subscriptions tab.

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Register with the USBA or Become a Member!

Here's why you should join the USBA:
  • Tips from the Pros: monthly tips from top players
  • Discounts on Simonis cloth & Aramith balls
  • Free Subscription to Professor-Q-Ball publication ($20.00 value, USA residents only)
  • Free ACCU-STATS 3-Cushion DVD (New Members Only-$ 25.00+ value)
  • Buy One, Get One Free ACCU-STATS 3-Cushion DVD
  • Free Carom TV Video On-Demand (New Members Only-$ 12.00+ value)
  • Free USBA patch ($ 4.00 value)
  • Free USBA sticker ($ 4.00 value)
  • Discounts on hotels from participating vendors (15%)
  • Discounts on rental cars from participating vendors
  • Discounts on table time from participating rooms
  • Discounts on cues from participating vendors
  • Discounts on lessons from participating players
  • Play in the United States National Championship Tournament
  • Play in any USBA sanctioned tournaments
  • USBA Newsletter-Tournaments, Results, Pictures, Charts, Instruction
  • Stay informed of all USBA 3-cushion news and events
  • USBA Directory: contact information of USBA Members
  • Women’s National Championship & World Championship
  • Juniors’ National Championship & World Championship
  • Teams’ World Championship
  • Individual World Championship
  • Help Support the Game You Love!

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Membership fees can be paid online by cred/debit card using PayPal or by personal check. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.

Payment options and instructions are provided after you register.